Alfredo Mateus was born in Angola on 15 July 1963. Despite its Alentejo roots, his youth was spent in such different places as Angola, Mozambique, Madeira and portuguese mainland. In 1981, upon its entry into the University of Coimbra, he moved to this city, and there fixed residence.

At age 12 he was offered his first camera and passion for photography settled in a natural way. For some years the picture was no more than the usual registration of family and festive occasions, but the quality of the results was becoming evident.

With the arrival of digital cameras, a Sony compact was his travel companion for many years and their records and photographic reports were famous among friends. There began to prove his vocation for photography of nature ...!

The photograph has reached another dimension in his life when he bought his first DSLR, a Canon, and take a course in Introduction to Photography in the Portuguese Institute of Photography in Porto.
Despite being mostly autodidact, the thirst for knowledge made him attend several photography workshops and photography meetings.

During his career as an amateur photographer has participated in several exhibitions, among which is to highlight the Photo Exhibition "Sant'Anna Project" promoted by the Command of the Intervention Brigade, the Photographic Exhibition "Shoot the UC" sponsored by Tourism of the University of Coimbra the Photographic exhibition "Alliance Underground Museum" sponsored by the Alliance Wines of Portugal and the Photographic exhibition "Look Conimbriga" promoted by Museu de Conimbriga.

His work has been recognized by various entities having his photographs been used in several advertising jobs. Regularly publishes its work in national and international photography sites.



a.mateus.photography@gmail.com               Tel: +351 935106967

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